Two Pillars Training – John Hearne – Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

Human performance under stress isn’t a new topic.  What makes this presentation different is the recency of the research and the presenter’s background.  Some of the works in this area are over 25 years old and don’t reflect the most recent discoveries in the field.  This presentation uses the latest findings from a wide variety […]


Two Pillars Training – John Hearne – Cognitive Pistol 2 day

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

This course takes the concept of thinking with the pistol and takes it to the next level.The course will feature a series of drills of increasing complexity that will make the shooter think while running the pistol. The goal is to place the shooter under as much “cognitive load” as they can stand. A major […]

3-3-3 Firearms Training NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

Friday October 13th thru Sunday October 15th, 2023. 8a to 5p each day. Friday - Basic Student Pistol Course Saturday - Basic Instructor Training (BIT) and Pistol Instructor Course Sunday - Pistol Instructor Course   This course will take place at Meadhall Range in McLoud, Oklahoma. Meadhall Range provides a very nice classroom setting and […]


Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Instructor Course

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

  The goal for this course is to teach the instructor my methodology for learning and teaching the fundamentals of employing the RDS-equipped pistol. Red Dots on pistols are becoming more popular as options for carry/duty weapons. Part of mastery is training - here it is! Prerequisites: THIS IS NOT AN INTRO LEVEL CLASS. IF YOU ARE NOT AN INSTRUCTOR OR […]


Train For Mastery Tim Herron and AJ Zito

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

2-day Train for Mastery w/ AJ Zito and Tim Herron "Ok, I've learned a lot in insert class here, now if I just knew what and how to practice? How do I put it all together?" If you've ever asked those questions, THIS is the class that answers that great mystery! Building upon the “Practice […]