Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

Tactical First Aid and “System Collapse” Medicine   This hands-on class will develop proficiency in basic battlefield medical care utilizing the military's latest Tactical Combat Casualty Care protocols.   Students will learn to stop traumatic bleeding from gunshot, knife wounds and blast injuries using the latest pressure bandages, tourniquets, and hemostatic agents.  The improvisation of […]


Active Response Training – Tactical Groundfighting

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

Combat experience shows that many of both civilian and law enforcement physical defensive encounters end up with one or both parties fighting from the ground.  Acknowledging this fact, Active Response Training offers an innovative ground defense class. This ground combative system will allow you to learn the skills necessary to defend yourself in the worst-case […]


DTI – John Farnam -Defensive Handgun

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The DTI Defensive Handgun Course is designed to prepare the responsible, adult gun owner to handle, maintain, safely store, and use their firearm safely, responsibly, correctly, and effectively, so that they are able to successfully handle nearly any personal protection situation. An increasing number of people are seeking to improve their defensive shooting skills and […]


DTI – Vicki Farnam – Teaching Women to Shoot

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Building Your Competence and Confidence for Teaching Firearms Strengthen and enhance your own handgun skills Build precise communication skills for teaching women and facilitating their learning process in firearms Understand what issues affect learning and why Expand you knowledge of handgun operating systems and other equipment and how equipment affects learning Learn to teach and […]


Reston Group – Jared Reston – Practical Pistol Marksmanship

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Effective shooting is a complex motor skill. Mastery of any complex skill is best achieved through a deep understanding of its fundamentals. This course will use the time proven technique of shooting bull's-eye targets at challenging distances to evaluate and improve the student's shooting fundamentals. The goal of this one day course will be to […]


Reston Group – Jared Reston – Gunfighter Mod 1

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

Participants in this course should have a core understanding of marksmanship fundamentals and strong weapons handling skills. Building on these fundamentals, participants will be instructed in high performance skills and will practice techniques to enable them to successfully perform in firearm engagements. Days are typically 9-10 hours in length with a short lunch break. Certificates […]


Defensive Training Services – Warren Wilson – SDA Instructor Course

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The Handgun Instructor Development course is an intensive two-day class certified for 20 hours of CLEET continuing education (Course #21-0535).  After successful completion, you will be qualified to apply for through CLEET and OSBI for your certification to teach the handgun license class.  You will also be qualified to apply for your handgun license if […]


Tactical Anatomy Instructor Development Course

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

Tactical Anatomy Instructor Development Course (TAIDC) This 16-hour class is offered to firearms instructors who recognize the need for peace officers and righteous non-sworn civilians to use their firearm in deadly force scenarios with surgical precision. Tactical Anatomy Systems' landmark course, Shooting With Xray Vision, has been used to train cops and civilians for more than 20 years, […]


Sentinel Concepts-Steve Fisher-Practical Urban Carbine

MeadHall Range 2181 S Blackberry Dr, Mcloud, OK

The premise of this class is based on the US Census Bureau report that 80% of the American Population lives in Urban areas. An urban area’s location is characterized by high human population density and defined within an area approximately of 200-300 yards and surrounding. Using these metrics this mid-level course reintroduces students to their […]


Tim Herron – Instructor Diagnostics and Development

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3- Day Instructor Diagnostics and Development Course (This is an exclusive class for limited enrollment) Are you an instructor looking to improve your diagnostic skills and coaching ability? This extended course dives deep and gets into the minutia of hands-on and visual diagnostics and solutions in order to improve every aspect of pistol shooting for […]


Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Instructor Course

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  The goal for this course is to teach the instructor my methodology for learning and teaching the fundamentals of employing the RDS-equipped pistol. Red Dots on pistols are becoming more popular as options for carry/duty weapons. Part of mastery is training - here it is! Prerequisites: THIS IS NOT AN INTRO LEVEL CLASS. IF YOU ARE NOT AN INSTRUCTOR OR […]