Bill Armstrong

  1. Prior service USMC and prior service Law Enforcement
  2. NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  3. RangeMaster certified Master Instructor
  4. Rangemaster certified Defensive Shotgun Instructor
  5. Defense Training International Instructor
  6. NRA Basic Rifle and Pistol Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor (NRA Instructor#230522474)
  7. Hundreds of hours of training in multiple disciplines under multiple instructors. 


Jamie Meyer

Jamie Meyer began her journey into firearms after a very traumatic event that happened while on vacation in 2007. Her interest started as a means to become educated on firearm safety, and for her own personal protection. She quickly switched gears after realizing how much fun she was having at the range, when a friend suggested that she should try competitive shooting. Since then, she has competed in matches all over the U.S. to include: NRA Precision Pistol, NRA Action Pistol, Steel Challenge, USPSA, Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF), Bowling Pins, and 3 Gun (multi-gun) and was also a member of the Rudy Shooting Team in 2017.

In 2020 Jamie earned the rank of “Master Shooter” with the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) and is one of only a handful of women to have achieved this rank. She has also been featured in The American Woman Shooter and FrontSight magazine. Jamie is a member of the “Pro Staff Team” for Shoot Like A Girl (SLG). SLG is a female owned and operated company whose mission is to grow the number of women in the shooting sports. SLG is able to educate women with the help of their highly accomplished Instructors like Jamie that can provide quality instruction in a fun and safe environment.

Jamie is a RangeMaster certified Instructor, Certified USPSA Range Officer, NRA Range Safety Officer, certified NRA Firearms Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Refuse to Be a Victim, and certified through the State of Oklahoma to teach the Self Defense Act (Conceal/Open Carry) classes. Additionally, she has trained with many top tier Instructors over the years and tends to define herself as a training enthusiast. Jamie has hundreds of hours of professional instruction on a large variety of topics related to self-defense such as personal mindset, situational awareness, home safety, emergency aid, non-lethal tools, and holster/gear options. This training combined with her extensive knowledge on the competitive shooting sports makes her a valuable resource to many.