About Us

It is all about the training

The point behind MeadHall Range is to provide a great instructor and student experience. At several of the outdoor range classes I have been to there is very little in the way of shade and any “bathrooms” that exist are porta-johns that are hot, smelly, and no one wants to use. Target stands are set up against a hill and are static only. Indoor ranges might have AC on the lanes and good bathrooms, but you have the issues with an indoor range such as being overly loud, limited range, and you are unable to work from the holster on some of them. 

Our goal is to bring top-tier national instructors to provide training in a wide variety of topics, including handgun, rifle (both defensive and intermediate range), shotgun,medical, combatives, and mindset. Additionally we provide entry-level training in NRA basic rifle and pistol, Oklahoma Concealed Carry classes, and basic and intermediate pistol. The range primary on staff instructor is Bill Armstrong with NRA Instructor certification and RangeMaster Advanced Instructor certs. 


The range currently has 10 lanes of turners controlled by an application that lets an instructor set specific presentation times depending on their particular needs for a course of fire.

Our two Movers are also able to be controlled by the app so so you can get them moving and change directions.

For those instructors working with low light the app can also control  floods for the pistol portion of the range and for LE classes two sets of LE strobes as needed.

When an instructor wants to get a bit further out we can go out to 300 with a rappel tower/elevated shooting position at the 200.

We have a selection of steel including two plate racks, two Spartan Armor Systems Critical Hit targets, two Sniper’s Paradise targets from the same company, and a misc selection of other steel including a dueling tree. All specifically named steel has AR500 targets. We are also working on engineering a steel Mover as well. 

As with most ranges there is a selection of standard target stands that can be moved into different configurations. 

We have Men’s and Women’s bathrooms that are climate controlled with individual stalls and a gear hook as well as a coat hook in each.

Our shade structure is 20×25 with 4 tables underneath an insulated roof to help make it truly useful as shade. Structure has electrical for fans and lights as well as two outlets placed so that an instructor can spool up a laptop if needed or for an emergency charge on a phone. 

We have a good selection of targets as well and boxes set up so that there are pasters and a brass bucket for every target station and each two target stations get a stapler and spray adhesive as needed. (yes with extra staples)